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AIM Board of Directors Sworn In

March 13, 2012

The Board of Directors of the Maquiladora and Export Industry Association (AIM) were sworn in to perform their duties in 2012 under Yael Lomelí Pierce, who will continue to lead this important organization that represents the interests of maquiladoras (export-oriented manufacturing companies in free-trade zones) in Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito and Ensenada.

The swearing in ceremony took place under the auspices of an AIM information meeting held in March that included representatives from several city and state government agencies and civil organizations, as well as members from firms belonging to the maquiladora industry.

The executive committee was composed of Paulo Alfonso Carrillo, state assistant secretary for economic development; Mario Escobedo Carigna, president of the Tijuana Business Coordination Council; Joaquín Escamilla Orozco, assistant director-general for tax collection at INFONAVIT; Verónica López Melih from the Office of the Director-General for Foreign Commerce at the Department of Commerce; and Miguel Velasco Bustamante, secretary for economic development in Tijuana, who represented the mayor, Carlos Bustamante.

The members of the board of directors were sworn in before the state labor secretary, Renato Sandoval, in order to continue the work that they have done to promote the maquiladora sector in the region.

Participating at the well-attended meeting, held at the Grand Hotel Tijuana, was Rodolfo Vega Manrique, Mexico country manager for ABS Quality Evaluations, a firm dedicated to certifying businesses through management system certifications, supply chain assessments, internal assessments and training.

Verónica López Melih, from the Office of the Director-General for Foreign Commerce at the Department of Commerce, gave a presentation to attendees on the current situation of the IMMEX program (Export Services, Maquiladora and Manufacturing Industry) both nationally and regionally, as well as future projections, highlighting those aspects that the Department of Commerce is implementing to boost the competitiveness of the sector, such as the single customer-service window and the development of a national supply-chain network.

Likewise, Joaquín Escamilla Orozco, assistant director-general for tax collection at INFONAVIT, gave a complete overview of the institution that he represents, including institutional objectives, procedures for granting credit, noteworthy facts and figures, and reforms to the INFONAVIT law.

Escamilla Orozco provided a wonderful finale to the monthly meeting by awarding a prize known as "Empresas de 10" in recognition of those AIM member-firms that fulfilled their INFONAVIT obligations for 10 consecutive 2-month periods. These firms will get exclusive benefits such as discounts, bonuses and other incentives that promote continued fulfillment of their payment obligations.


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