Gap Analysis and Verification

Organizations should regularly review their operations and management systems to remain competitive in their industry. A gap analysis strategy helps management determine whether their current operating performance is the best it can be for their operations.

Management Systems Certification

Delivering flexible, cost-effective quality management system (QMS) certification and training programs, our teams assist you to improve operational efficiency across industries and sectors worldwide. We help you enhance sustainability through a six-step certification process of quality, safety and environmental management systems.

Supply Chain Assessments

Understanding your requirements and consistently meeting your criteria is critical to your supply chain. By identifying opportunities to improve performance, our audits can help you exceed international accreditation requirements and outpace rigid industry standards and growing competition.

Management Systems Training

ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (ABS QE) is a world leader in training for quality management systems (QMS) and ISO certification. We understand that organizations must get the most out of their resources to remain competitive—and the value that quality assurance can deliver.